Cleanliness Of The House

Home is a place of retreat, safe haven and the place where you feel most comfortable. Untidy and dirty house only adds to stress. A clean house not only makes one feel satisfied and content but also prevent the spread of diseases.Cleanliness is very important, when cleaning the house most of us focus on just sweeping the floor and lightly dusting off couches, while doing so it’s easy to miss the spots where dirt could get accumulated. Such as under the seats of the couch, the nooks and cranny of the cupboard, the unyielding stains on the sofa, drains in the kitchen and etc. That being said its vital a house goes over deep clean so that it appears spotless and gives the feeling of a clean home. You can do it by yourself or you can use the help of decent cleaning services. 

Certain areas of the house are more likely to be contaminated with germs than any other for example, the kitchen sink, bathroom, the grout between tiles.Kitchen is an environment where the temperature and the humidity are ideal for the growth of many organism. In addition, if its summer you can expect the flies to hover inside the house. Flies are no clean creatures, the germs on the feet can stick onto the food and can cause food borne infection which is why it is advisable to keep the food closed after cooking. After you are done preparing food clean the area thoroughly using water to wipe away the grime left by food, kitchen top, the sink, the rug. And once you are done washing, clean the items you used for cleaning and let it completely dry off. It would be tempting to leave the cloth just like that but most microorganism breed on moist surfaces.

The living room is where most of us hang around, it’s a place for some to have their meals too, and an area with lots of windows though no one realizes the glass gets dirty frequently. You can contact commercial glass cleaning Auckland to help you with it or you could do it yourself.Next place you need to be very careful of is the bathroom. Bathroom is the place we use to rid ourselves of the dirt. We often take a shower in the bathtub and expect that all germs are washed away. But the truth is not all germs are carried down the drain. In one research it was found that the bathtub contained more of the organism Staphylococcus aureus than a garbage can and this organism has been implicated in many diseases. Therefore, cleaning the bathtub with an antiseptic would prevent the growth of the organism same goes for the bathroom floor and the commode it’s very important to clean them with a disinfectant once a week.Though it may seem tiresome to give the house a full clean, the environment you create would be fresh and pleasant.

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